Dress History and Literature: Sharing the Vision...

Dress History and Literature:
Sharing the Vision...

Whilst working as a milliner and then throughout her postgraduate studies, Eleanor had the privilege to teach over seventy young people, aged between six and nineteen, many of whom had mild learning disabilities or had faced personal tragedy. During these years, she learned that in order to compete with the seductive wonders of science and technology, she needed to adapt her teaching methods; to find innovative ways to educate and enthuse a love of literature and history. These lessons have proved important as she has turned her attentions to more specific areas of research—namely the literature and clothing of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
After these formative experiences, Eleanor is now an enthusiastic advocate for the study of material culture and believes passionately in making her academic research interesting and accessible, whilst at the same time retaining its integrity and intellectual rigour. Consequently, she works hard to find new and exciting ways to disseminate her own work as well as the work of others. She believes that gaining a greater understanding of the ‘human’ in the ‘Humanities’ not only not only brings literature and history alive to a broader audience, but also offers a new perspective to academic research.
Whether it is through the production of lively, yet meticulous publications, Instagram posts, videos, papercut animations, artworks or curation, she is determined that her findings always remain relevant and impactful.

By Way of Example...

Watch this video, 'A Mid-Nineteenth Century Lady Dresses'


Eleanor uses Instagram to share her knowledge and interest in dress history and literature with others.